Thursday, November 21, 2013


Starting out in the blogging world you kind of have a lot to sort through. Who interests you, who to follow what to read.
What your style of writing is what to write about.
What not to include what to include above all else.
Hell I'm still learning much of this myself.
And in the process you're trying to be found and build a following and sometimes that tough especially after the glow of being a new interest in the blogging world dies down it gets even harder to get new followers.
Sometimes we find ourselves in a bubble only reaching the same people day in and day out not expanding very well not finding new people to read and learn about either. We either get complacency it discouraged and some just stop writing all together. We all get in a funk at one point it another I've always been guilty of leaving to start a new a blog when things slow down initially. This time though I really want to stick with it and see where this page heads. I enjoy reading about the people I follow and getting courage or new ideas from them. I enjoy the rare input on my own posts here.
And I figured, maybe some of you don't know the writers on about to list, if not, give them a read and if you enjoy it, don't be shy, subscribe to them (:

My too 5 in no specific order
Her snarky insight always brings a smile about while reading
A true slave in the lifestyle, she paints a perfect picture of the struggles and love we all hope to experience. And in times of difficulty she offers words to breed courage
Shadow, who is my Sir @
Granted I am a little biased in this one but I love seeing his side of things and getting a glimpse inside his head here and there
Always a thought provoking topic to be found here and always beautifully written.
Also, H.S. @
Another writer who has a way with words and will leave you smiling by the end.


  1. hi Ali Cat

    Thanks for the snarky!!!! i dont know what you mean lol


  2. just now seeing this...thank you...I'm honored!