Friday, November 22, 2013

fun amung the wreckage

with all the stress of life lately things have been a bit difficult to keep upbeat.
the sex has been absent for a few days which almost unheard of for us two.
the D/s hasnt been showing much lately either which is dissapointing to say the least. this is mostly my fault.
so the past few days that Sir has worked ive decided to pick out all of his clothes and such and everything he needs for work and have them assembled for when he wakes in the morning. this way he can get about 15-20 extra minutes of sleep in every morning as well as wake a little less scattered and hurried.
step one in showing him my submission and reminding him a little more through action above word that i love him and i love to serve him.
last night before bed i decided as an additional treat to my stressed out Sir, that 10 minutes before six (he has to leave by six thirty every morning) that id wake him up with a bit of oral.
i lightly scratched my fingers on his v cut then rubbed at his penis a little before surprising him with the oral once he was stirred enough to be slightly awake.
just when i had him to the point right before he usually cums from oral he stopped me and instructed to get on the edge of the bed and give him my legs.
and here i thought i was the only one with a sneaky plan!
he finished fucking me in a few assorted positions just in time for the six twenty mark for him to clean up and dress.

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  1. What a sweet act of submission you are doing for him! Not only that, it sounds like you were paid handsomely for your efforts :)