Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"first do no harm"

i was trying to avoid this subject and post but the more i try and ignore it the more it pisses me off. so i suppose here is my ranting post because i really need to get this out of my head and on a solid platform.
the more i think about things or even the more i try to avoid thinking of things, the less i can get my head around the fact that this maybe didnt have to happen.
its the job of people who are doctors to ask the proper questions or at least SOME questions. its their job to find answers and protect people. they are supposed to save lives and yet they didnt even try to save my little boy.
we went there in the beginning stages of the cramps, hours before they escalated beyond repair.
we were asking them my blood type and levels as well as hcg levels. we were asking them to run this test and that. they gave us no answers they asked no questions about any family history until days later after the fact. they refused to tell us my blood type and rh factor as well as neglected to ask us of Sirs rh factor.
had they even looked in the files to find my factor and asked his then right away we'd have known the problem. they would have only needed to administer a rhogam shot into my thigh right there in the begining stages of the cramps and although it wouldnt have been a gaurenteed save there would certainly have been high chances of a save. statisticly speaking had they listened to us and provided the answers to even a couple of the questions that we had asked them then our son may still be alive.
and how dare they on the following monday AFTER everything is said and done offer me the answers that they had all along?! how dare they not even try to save our son.
if anything they hurried it along pumping in over twice the amount of saline fluids into an iv in my hand which later further broke down the clots and plugs in my baby built to protect my baby.
the only procedure they ran was done wrong far before it should have been run.
i will never return to that hospital. what happened to the "first do no harm" oath that even nurse trainees have to take in some colleges. if premed student knew all the questions to ask and the procedures that needed to be done why did the doctors and nurses not? why was my baby of so little importance to them???? i understand he was not yet fully developed or born but he was still a human being who still had a chance if they had done their god damned jobs!!!


  1. Oh gosh, thats awful, its neglect on their part, i can understand your anger.

    Even if it was a small chance...any chance and you should have been given the choice to take it.

    Im so sorry for both of you



  2. I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I'm an angel mother to and I feel your pain. When I had gone to the hospital they seemed extremely cold toward me. I felt no care or sympathy nor did I ever get any answers as to why it happened. It still haunts me.

    Thankfully I got another chance and I now have an almost 3 year old. It will happen!!!! I promise!!!!! Don't let your anger of them get in the way of what is in the future. Just know you now have 2 angels following you and they will keep you.

    Much love and hugs to you in this troubled time


  3. Oh goodness, how awful that this happened to both of you. Not being heard by your staff is appalling.

    My thoughts are with you,