Wednesday, September 11, 2013

girl crush

She's a beautiful blonde German girl with blue eyes and a gentle heart built from the roots of a tragic past. And soon shell be with Sir and I and safe in my arms. This girl is the kind of girl you cant help but to adore and want to fight the world for.
Today she told me of some boys in her city who are bothering her again and I couldn't hold back I needed to give her something to smile for so I gave her the good news.
The news that my sir gave me last night: it won't be a year before we meet like we originally thought but only about 6 months probably. Long enough for her to turn 18 and him to complete boot camp. She was so excited just as I am and was last night. I can imagine how her eyes lit up and she smiled. I want nothing more to make my Sir and that girl smile.


  1. Lucky you! Where did you find this lovely creature?

    1. We actually started talking by chance a few months back on a game interface