Friday, September 20, 2013

road trip

Tomorrow the big day. Well one of many big days coming up that is.
Tomorrow Sir and i go to see my father and step mother. Im scared to death honestly. My dad i know i can handle he'll just pretend like hes sweet and kind and has always been there for me even though he hardly had been. Her on the other hand. She's a bit of a sadist and not the sort i enjoy.
She isn't afraid to take a blade dipped in acid and twirl it around in every weak point she can find.
Pro: Sir will be with me the entire time so maybe just maybe I can find some sort of closure from this.
Con: hormones are making me extra sensitive and not in a volatile fight back way but in a curl up in a ball crying and take it way.
Pro. After we leave there we go to see my cousin who is basically my mommy figure through this whole thing holding my hand from a distance and talking me through the ups and downs that no one ever tells you about.
Pro: I know my Sir will keep me safe through this all and pull me out of that house if the step mother gets too nasty.

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