Monday, September 9, 2013

love, lust, and something else(x-rated)

I apologize in advance for the rough start in writing this week. Im a bit exhausted and battling a flu and my writers brain is a bit slow to warm up.

Saturday night was amazing, Sir and I moved into our new room and then went out to eat.
We went to a nice little Chinese buffet.
Then that night I did something I had never done for any other man ever.
Ordinarily I love to suck on cock. I get off on them getting off and hearing their moans of delight. The way a man's body quivers when youre mouth is pleasuring they're sweet hard cock.
However I usually take them inside or Finnish them off with my hand rather than allowing yen to cum in my mouth. The texture of it has always been something of an issue to allow into my mouth.
we began the activitivies with a bit of 69. That man! I've never had someone holf my attention with just their mouth and the things they do with it for so long.
the hotter got me the harder I'd suck and the faster. The more swirls and moves I'd make with my tongue and the more the more I'd suckle his balls. I knew he was getting close the way his hips rocked and his breathing got that raspy tone and his member quivered.
"its ok. I want it this time" I said and went back to work.
His breath caught and I felt him relax and stop fighting. His cream erupted on my tongue and god was it sweet. I swallowed it up and took the next two surges then sucked him softly to get the last drops of it and cool him down a little bit.
I thought this would be my only first that night but it wasn't. My sexy strong dominat fell into subspace.
Who'd have thought the Sub would ever take the Dom to subspace rather than the other way around.

I was in a bit of a moody and temperamental state all day and stepped out of line a few times in how I was responding to my Sir. He showed me who was the Sir and who was the Sub quick.   the sex was amazing and deliciously rough only to be followed with a cool down massage and then a flogging and a spanking.

Late that night after a meal of Alfredo he cooked up we played a few boards of chess, in which I lost fairly quickly as hes only just begun teaching me and is highly talented in games like that.
Little did I kniw my Sir had a favor he'd like to return!
He waited until the house was quiet then took me in every so many different positions each until I couldn't take anymore of it then pushing me a little farther. By the end of it I could feel my body relaxing into him but still enjoying the sensations. My eyes closed and stayed closed. I saw the night sky inches from my nose with stars shining and twinkling. At some point he was asking for my legs and asked me to lift my back, some part of me complied and then I was flying through the air a few feet past the wall on the other side of the bed. My eyes snapped open and my body fell into the mattrass with the blanket around me and my Sir was a few feet away then suddenly back beside me.
"I'm just performing aftercare right now, baby girl. I want you to let yourself slip away ok"
I had already slipped though. Suddenly his lips were on mine and water was entering my mouth instinctively I swallowed but i refused to leave this calm beautiful place with all the stars.
later that night after i came out of it we spoke of an idea i have to bring a girl hes friends with over and have her touch him to see how i feel about it and to get us both accustomed to it for when we have my future female submissive living with us. To my surprise despite voicing his discomforts and worries abput the situation, ge agreed.
if last night was any indication, this week should be a pretty fun and fulfilling one with lots of love, lust, and something else.

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  1. What is subspace and how do you get your Dominant there?