Tuesday, September 17, 2013

sex and candy (EXPLICIT)

The candles were lit much before the pic nic even began. Then he told me to go and have a shower after we had dinner. I made sure to wash up in soaps that would have me smelling nice and sweet and then straightened out my wet hair as best I could considering its tendency to curl up.
then he allowed me some time on his computer knowing its far easier for me to check the blog and other sites than it is on mobile while he showered and then prepared the fruit.
Turns out he was hungry but not so much for the fruits so he ate a few then watched me enjoy the rest.
When I was almost finished and could tell he was about to get impatient inside I put a little bit of chocolate on my finger and looked at him smiling.
"I wonder what chocolate covered Sir tastes like?"
He smiled with a soft laugh"i dont know. You'll have to find out."
Oh and I did. I wiped the chocolate into his nipple and licked it off playfully. "oh. He tastes very good in chocolate(:"
I ate a couple more strawberries and then layer down as instructed.
He sprayed a whip cream on my nipples and on a couple hot spots on my body and another on my neck then with a devilish smile he cleaned it off in a most arousing manner.
he then moved to play with the whipped cream on my pussy and the spots near it on my thighs.
"hands and knees" he told me afterward and I obediently listened in no desire to be bratty tonight. My Sir wanted to play and I so did I but more so I wanted to please him in every way he desired.
"yes Sir"
He pulled me to his cock and fucked my mouth good then had me lay down and shoved it right in with ease as at this point I was dripping wet. Once I began to enjoy it too much he pulled out of me then wiped some chocolate in the head for me devour like the good little cock whore I am.
I licked and sucked and played with it until he was satisfied I'd given enough in that area for now then came down and pleasure me with his own tongue for a bit. Before kissing me and reentering.
After a bit of this he came out and told me to go back to hands and knees then clarified he wanted it in doggy now.  We went like this for a bit before later switching and coming back to it again and this time he instructed not to come until I was told to.
"yes sir" I moaned out.
He made sure id beg for it as it was so hard not to cum soon the way he began working me.
"can I please?"
He took me harder and god did it feel amazing
"are you begging now?"
"yes. Yes please. Please can I. Please!"
after a deliberate pause came the much needed "yes"
I had seen him ready the candles earlier and although I love playing with candle wax on skin I'd never done any wax play during sex especially not when I was at such a point as I knew he'd wait to use it at.
"please let it cool first" I asked nervously
"I won't burn you. Im actually very good at testing the temperature of wax and knowing if it'll burn"
"ok" I trusted him and man was I glad that I did later that night.
after the first time in doggy before this last one he took some of the wax and poured it lightly on my back. I came with each pour as he'd let it cool such a point that it felt like cum erupting onto my skin! Something thats always been highly arousing for me.
He then flipped me onto my back and poured some all over my abdomen in strategic places.

In this last round of doggy he came then as I was relaxing on the the blanket with my face down waiting for my own body to stop trembling he gave me a new command
"close your eyes"
I did wondering what new trick it treat he had up his sleeve.
I felt his fingers play at my back half stroking half massaging through some of the old wax. Then I felt him rub a test of wax across my skin I trembled. God dis it feel great
"see. That would burn you"
"no" I whispered "it felt good. I liked it"
There was a pause and then hot wax splashed down my back  and im positive he felt me tighten up around him in a final orgasm.
He pulled out and told me to go clean up in the bathroom.
I wandered if he realized this meant walking in front of his friend or his friends mother who were sitting in the living room. If he knew that it meant I'd have to hide the smile okaying at my Luis and force myself to walk as straight as possible?
I did as commanded though then returned to the living room to find him on the sofa smiling at me. Oh yes. He knew.
I returned to the room where a few moments later he followed then helped get the last few bits of wax off of my back.

Oh how I love my Sir! And I thank him for that night.

And how I look forward to discovering what he has planned for today as he instructed me last night that today I am to be his kitten when ever we are in private. Its been some time since I've last been my Sirs pet <3
I wonder what games he'll have planned today.


  1. Damn girl! You really know how to tell a story! That was so hot but it is kind making my orgasm control very difficult :)
    We haven't played with wax yet but now I really want to try it. Even as a kid, I liked to dip my fingers in it and peel it off. I love your blog so far and can't wait to read more!

    1. thank you :O
      The wax is amazing! If you like the feel of it without sex you'll love the feel of it during sex (: