Tuesday, September 24, 2013

something positive

Sir is cooking spaghetti tonight then I think i'm going to give him a treat. I'm not in the most intimate mood right now everytime hes tried it flashes my mind back to that clot of blood that held my little raspberry baby but I think maybe if i'm the one that initiates the sexual moment I can handle it better.
So i'm planning on after our meal and a shower sucking him off then giving him the one thing I can give right now, anal.
Its been a fantasy of his since we got together, to have anal from me but I've never been fond of the idea until Sunday when we both wanted and needed sex but knew like we do now that my pussy was off limits so I swallowed my pride and gave it a shot. It was awkward and uncomfortable for awhile but eventually felt pretty good. So tonight ill give him that for the second time in my life.


  1. I know it's a week or so past this post, but wanted to share that one of the best ways is for you to be on top. i enjoy that position for anal than any other.

    1. I'll have to try it that way next time we try anal. So far every position we tried was with him on top. The first time eventually felt good, that second time didn't go so well no matter how we tried. Granted that how was always with him behind me. So thank you for the advice, lol anything that will make it more tolerable is apreciated