Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Balanced Trust

First off, I want to apologize for the crumby quality of my POV on that last post, I've learned not to even attempt to write when im in fuzzy place. I will try and fix that post tonight.

Now, onto to the title: truth.

In any aspect of this lifestyle whether it be master: slave, dom:sub, owner:pet , daddy dom:little girl,  ECT there are key aspects that are a must. TRUST being at the top of that list.

I have this topic on mind because of a young girl I have been speaking with, she reminded me yesterday of how alot of us are as newbie's to the lifestyle. Some of us understand that in order to be in this lifestyle we have to invest alot of trust in our opposite role, our other half in the equation. But through this we sometimes believe we have to give our full trust to someone simply because they are the other half and often times that trust is placed in the wrong hands and people get hurt.

On the other side of the coin are the people who remain cautious but they remain so cautious that they give no trust to even the right people and thus do not gain the true  experience of the lifestyle either.

Then there are those who dont even have the trust in themselves to know their limits and speak up if something is too much for them. Those who just want to fall completely in with no regards because they think they have to do it that way.

All three of these paths lead us to pain and in improper introduction to the lifestyle.

I thinkehen entering into anylife path whether be those I've listed above or even a venture to a new geographical location, caution must be taken to learn proper methods and safety guidelines. Research what you are getting yourself into. Find a mentor.

So many people dive in headfirst with whichever if the three takes. I listed above and find themselves in a lot of emotional and physical pain that they weren't yet ready or prepared for.

I myself when I first entered this lifestyle years ago fell into the role of giving full trust and submission to someone who was ill prepared to be a dominant figure to anyone much less myself.
However I do t regret it much. It eventually taught me alot abput choosing my words and actions carefully and how not to later treat my own submissives whether they be a semi oermanant bond or a mentoring position. Would I rather for other people to learn the same way I did? Hell no! That's the point of this post. Did I eventually learn all I needed to though? In a way yes. But I also learned much of what I learned through online research and dealing out others in the lifestyle. I learnined from being careful and not making the same painful mistakes twice. I am learning everyday by interacting with others in the lifestyle as well as taking my dominants role. 
Through all of this I have learned and farther learning to balance what degree of trust to give to who and what situations.
Initially my Sir did not receive my full trust that wasn't something I had to give to him increasingly.

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