Saturday, October 5, 2013

breaking points (EXPLICIT)

Well I suppose it showed somewhere on my body the need for his inflicted pain. Tonight, after dinner Sir and I watched an episode of "The L word" since he promised to watch it with me yesterday but didn't. Then after each cleaning up a bit, him first then I, we began our play time. While I was freshening up he had lit the candle and had the toys ready but where I didn't see them. He asked was originally going to cuff my hands but we could only find one through out the night so they were instead bound with a pretty silk sash that we have. Next I was blindfolded and placed into position. I know the first toy was my beloved flog. He started out light and gentle for only a few swipes. Then really began biting onto me with it. My ass, back, shoulders, and legs were all to be treated. During some moments even my feet and neck. Next was the riding crop, a few hard stings across the ass then he  began flicking it all along my inner thighs. A feather teaser and then more alternating lashings with the flog.
"on your knees" he finally tells me
So I get up onto them expecting him to be aiming for places he couldn't reach when I was laying down or bowed. Instead I feel this hard cocks tip on my lips.
"may I use my hands?" I ask
"thank you"
I take him in one hand and rub down to the base while stroking his thighs with the other and sucking him off. He begins flogging me harder and im getting so fucking wet so I start sucking on him more and really trying to please him and his hardness.

Im having so much difficulty remembering everything right now. Being blindfolded you are so much more focused on the sensations the where and the how isn't so much important to your mind to screenshot and order as the sensations are.

I do remember at one point after more delicious beatings and then being flipped to lay on my back Sir was having fun with orgasm control. He was running the toys across my clit and the rest of my pussy, enjoying shoving things in and getting me off as well as using his devilish mouth on my thighs and pussy.
I got close to orgasm and he reminded me I was not to cum
I began to beg, repeating please more intensely over and over and he repeatedly told me no.
Finally when I felt as if I could take no more I burst "PLEASE YOU SADISTIC FUCKING BASTARD"  he chuckled then thankfully gave me the words I needed "yea you can"

"what'd you say" I asked to make sure that was a can and not a "cant"
"go ahead"

Want to know the entire scene?Or the dominants POV
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