Thursday, October 31, 2013

tonight the new year

First she was awoken to him to crawling into bed with her, he had woken a couple hours previous to her, and hind hand quickly finding her pussy. then his cock was rubbing against her getting her hot and hotter. before she knew it he was inside thrusting and not stopping until she was completely spent and unable to bear anymore. then he pushed a little further before giving her a rest.
She regained some strength then pulled out her great big bag of herbs and went to work making a mix for the new year.
strawberry leaf for happiness
one for good luck
another for money
poppy seed for fertility.
one more herb for strength
another for healing
then another for over all continued health
salt for grounding.
 and white sage to ward off negativity.

she mixed it up and ground in the sage then scooped out one spoon into a satchel to wear and carry for the next 30 days. (a full moon cycle)
the rest was to be left in the bowl to either sprinkle out along the lawn by her bedroom window tonight  or later on when she felt it best to do

Nice and calm, now content as well, she left to shower then to the kitchen for some lunch.

Next they went to the mall where Sir had an interview for a job.
she is very happy about this as they both have been low on money and much in need of fresh jobs.
on the way from the mall they were headed to the local park to get some outdoors time together when they received a call. Sir was asked to dob sit for some friends of ours while they went out to dinner tonight. He would be paid for this as well!

So far she thinks the money request in new years satchel is kicking into activation! yay!

then tonight as they arrived to the house to dog sit, she received a much awaited letter online from a girl she cares very much about and has been missing lately. she didn't get to converse with the girl as she had already logged back off, but none the less she was happy.

Despite how well today has been it doesn't change that she needs to realign herself as well.
she has been so lost lately. so unsure of her own thoughts and emotions really so out of touch with herself. and thus the thought crossed her mind of an old psych lesson.

"when your mind is so focused on me me me and i this and and i that what better way to disconnect and see yourself and others more clearly? disconnect. look at things from an outer view. so tonight instead of circling around "how do i feel" and "what am i thinking? i cant think straight. i love sir. I'm hungry. i this i that" she has decided to think externally.

if she thinks as herself as a third person and not an internal aspect maybe she can understand herself better. its like writing a book. you get into your characters head so fully that you become them yet you are still not them you are seeing them as an external unit. she thinks she will treat herself as one of those aspects of research. someone she is looking in on for the night.
and she thinks at this point it is working as she has typed more now than she usually does when in a good mood.
ordinarily she only writes long posts when they are in deff erotica or in the whims of a depression.
tonight is a night of joys and new beginnings. tonight is a happy night which she has spent with her sir and has very much enjoyed every moment of.

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