Thursday, October 10, 2013


Yesterday, Sir and I went to the mall around noon to gather job applications. Right after he was laid off my boss went through some personal issues that she no longer required my services so now with my birthday, our planned date to wed, thanksgiving, and  Christmas all right around the corner we are jobless.
We spent day before yesterday scrubbing and organizing my now former bosses house so that due to things that happened between her and her husband cps would have no reason to deny her rights to her own children so by yesterday with the job losses and day of scrubbing and organizing we were both stressed and in dire need of an outing.
Turns out the job search was part one of exactly what we needed.
We spent the day in the mall u til around 6pm flirting here and there with different girls and just feeling good to be out of the house and not worrying.
Then we came home and had a semi quickie before calming down for dinner.
Later after he finished up each placing another application we made love again.
Im beginning to think he enjoys getting me to the point of calling him vulgar things as begging for my orgasm isn't enough anymore on most nights that he talks me to beg.
last nights choice outburst was "please you mean fucking sir!!" with tears in my eyes.
For that I was awarded permission to cum as well as a nice quick but hard spanking!

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