Friday, October 4, 2013

Sir's Ink

i feel like writing today but dont really know what i want to write about. theres much but i dont even know how to place it all into the correct order until i figure that one out, i figured id give you guys an excert of a story Sir has been working on.
curious to see what you all think of his writing style and such.

    My name is Jade, I have always stuck out in the group of people, my olive skin is a shear give away that I’m not from the Empire; not to mention my ears. I have dark hair, and gray eyes so that is another indicator towards the factor to me not being from around here. I work for the Imperials, and I have for all of my life. I’m the only woman commander in the entire Empire, which is found to be a joke. Most groups of people leave my battalion at bay because they know the name of the Black Hearts.

    The bush behind me begins to rustle and I quickly draw my knives, I have made many enemies in the empire and I am always on guard. A familiar voice leaves the heavy brush, “Whoa, Commander, its just me.” A man appears from the dense brush and begins to smile. He is what most women would call “Fair toned and handsome,” I know him much too well to even think of him as the “Loving Husband”. Beneath his sky blue eyes and his pale skin, under the ornament of grayish gold hair, lays the coldest man I could possibly know.
    “Hey Drago, what do you need to tell me.” He begins to let out a slight sigh, and the sarcasm in his voice is obvious, “Well the war is over forever, you and the rest of the Sixth Regiment can go home, and Monarch’s enemies are all slain.”
    “If it were all like that, I would go to my home in the Capital and just sleep for hours after a soothing bath, possibly jam my face full of the sweetest delicacies I possibly could find.”
    “Well now, this is the real news, Adrith has just advanced leaving the Sixth in charge of stopping him,” Drago’s face shifted into a displeasing manner, “Also we have to take them on in combat.”
    “No, we will not lose our men in the battle, we will settle this the way we always have.”
    “I will report that the orders are understood,” His face returned back to its normal composure.
    The way we made a name for ourselves is never losing a single soldier, the way we fight brings immense controversy. We call them the Black Games,  in the three days before the battle we will mentally disturb and unhinge the people on the other side. It works; I’ve never lost a soldier, even though this has come close to making me lose my own life.
    “Get the men ready to move, I know it is only a three day march to the lead of Adrith.”
    “Ma’am, it is closer to an hour or so, Adrith is already on the battle path he does not know we are here.”
    “Cover the fires, get ready to start, The games are as follows, The Axe of War, The Twelve Points, and The Ghost Fires.”
    “His scouts will be on top of us in an hour.”
    “We will swap uniforms and use their own men against them. However, this is a tactic we have never used; have one of our scouts get the uniform and enter his base. That man needs to get as close to Adrith as possible, and take out a guard, then get back to camp as soon as possible after losing their trail in the opposite direction.”
    “Okay anything else?” Drago’s face shifted to a cold war hardened look.
    “Tell the men to write their letters if we have to go into war I want them to have their peace made and for them to have no worry in the afterlife.” I stood and began to make the walk back to the main camp of my men, “Wait, I’ll tell them, if anyone should it is me.”

    We drew nearer and nearer, the tunnel vision I often get on walks began to set in, leaving tracers pushing the trees past my vision in a swift blur. The sound of a lute came from the far side of the camp as we entered bringing me back into consciousness. I walked to my tent, seeing all of the men standing in my presence never retires my respect for them; not a single man stood for the previous Commander.
    “Men, I stand before you not only as your leader but as one of you in combat. I am here to tell you the man of the hour is Adrith, his soul will be brought to its knees after today. He has set up camp near us, and he is now our target of the Black Games. His scouts should be around here at any moment in attempt to find enemy forces. We will find them first, and we will enter his camp, and slay the nearest man to him. To start the Games tonight the Axe of War will be placed.  Tonight their tents will earn some new decoration.”

    The men began to shuffle from the crowd and as soon as the throng of men dissipated into there tents, another group all bearing axes appear from the woods. The center element steps forward, “Ma’am we are all ready for your command, there are two extra axes carried by the last element if you would like to join us.”
    “I will join you, nightfall should be within the next half hour, We will start our journey then.” I heard the men pressing me with a slight hum, it proceeded through the ranks slowly adding on the bard’s ocarinas and then their lutes. The melody was one I have heard hundreds of times, it still chills the blood in my veins, I began to hum along with the men, it was a simple pattern. But with  the combination of the noises played it was enough to make any army stronger showing the bonds we held within each other. I simply began to sway my arms, to the beat of the song, My body began to flow like water at the smooth sound of the battle song, “Men I stand here waiting . . .” In this small pause the breath of the men pushed the sound of any music away, “Waiting to cause the horror to the mere mortals sitting unguarded and relaxed in their tents with the illusion of safety, well we are here to give them a nightmare.” Just as I finished that sentence I looked across the men’s faces, the look held of vampires, cold and blood thirsty.

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