Friday, October 4, 2013

his POV

How strange of a thought to know Sir will be blogging too now. To know that as I write this entry he sits mere feet away from me at his own laptop writing his own first post. What a strange thought that for some events I will write to you about, the flip side, my dominants view and feelings of those moments will also be publicized.
Well to you all that is.
We made the agreement when I began MY blog that he was not to read any post I wrote or write until  I said I was ready for him to read it as some would contain surprises and plans for him. We have decided that that same rule is in place in regards to when and if I am to read any of his posts.
I am always intrigued, however to see and hear how others perceive the exact same encounters as myself and how their perceptions can so greatly vary and mesh with my own.
So all in all this an intriguing topic to me. Just hoping he writes more here than he does in his own journal  :P then bad for not writing for long stretches myself do I suppose in a way this idea of him blogging too now is a good one. After all I've been writing more often than before at least(:

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